Student charged for stealing book


November 21, 2016

A student accused of stealing a book valued at $3,600 from his teacher was ordered to make restitution when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew parish Court on Friday.

Eighteen-year-old Christian Evans admitted to the court that he stole a mathematics book from his teacher, while he was a student at the Quality Academics learning institution.

Reports are that on October 24, the complainant realised his book was missing from the staff room and raised an alarm. The campus security team responded, and a search of Evan's bag revealed the notebook.

Upon hearing the reports, the presiding judge reprimanded the young man.

"If you need a textbook, that's not how you come by it," she advised.

When asked to hand over the money to cover the cost of the book, Evans called on his mother, however, she did not have the money.

He was given until December 8 to come up with the full sum.

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