Help coming for mother of 8

February 27, 2018
Keloney Gayle

Just last month, Keloney Gayle was down in the dumps as she stared into the hungry faces of her children, feeling depressed and just about losing hope.

Then her story was published on January 31 in THE STAR and her whole world was transformed by the overwhelming outpouring of love and support she has been receiving.

Since the story was carried, the Free Town Church of God of Prophecy Outreach Foundation received calls from Canada, United States and England, as well as across Jamaica, all moved by Gayle's plight and wanting to show their support.

"I am so thankful. I can't thank everyone enough for reaching out," she said.

Myrtle Brown from Food For The Poor told THE STAR that Gayle's case was passed on to her by her boss to look into and when she visited her at her residence in Sugar Lane, Bodles, St Catherine, the situation was worse than she thought.

"When you read you can get judgemental. But one should not get that way. We really need to know the reason why. There is always something behind it, so try to get the true picture," she said.

Although Gayle got some assistance, Brown said they are awaiting some things that Gayle has to do before they can move forward with the bulk of the help they want to give her.

Kimisha Dardy and her team at the at Tax Administration Jamaica (National Motor Vehicle Registry), and other friends who pooled resources to send well-needed items to Gayle, said her main focus was the children.

"As parents, we thought they needed some anchor and that's why I reached out to help," she said of her efforts to spearhead the charity drive for the mother of eight.

Gayle said she is thankful for the help but her biggest wish is that she will get a job or training so she can be better able to take care of the children.

"God is good. I pray that God bless all those who reached out," she said.

In the story, 'Desperate mother of eight begs for a chance', Gayle said she wanted an opportunity to prove for her children.

"I feel bad to look into their hungry eyes, knowing that I am hungry too," she confessed. Some days she can't afford to send them to school as she just doesn't have the money.

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