Hanging on by the last thread ... Struggling mom situation worsens

May 24, 2018
Marjorie 'Madge' Bell

The Free Town Church of God of Prophecy Outreach Foundation is reaching out to members of the diaspora and people in Jamaica to assist one of their own, Marjorie Bell, whose story was carried in The Gleaner on March 17.

Bell went through the anguish of having her daughter's life viciously snuffed out on December 7, 2016, by gunmen. She is now left with the responsibility of taking care of her four grandchildren left behind. The children have been placed on the Programme for the Advancement of Health and Education (PATH), a social-security mechanism aimed at vulnerable Jamaicans. In addition, she has received support from Food For The Poor, Shena Carty, as well as the Free Town Church of God of Prophecy Outreach Foundation.

While being grateful for that assistance, Bell said she is unable to cover living expenses as well as the children's school needs.


"This month I received the PATH payment for my grandchildren and one of them was dropped off; it's just too much," said Bell, who is just recovering from a stroke she had about two months ago.

"It's the stress of trying to make ends meet. I used to fry chicken back and sell, do a little washing, whatever little hustling I get to do, I would, but now with this (stroke), I can't help myself," she shared.

Bell said she knows she must not worry and try to relax so that her blood pressure won't go up, but it is something she is finding hard to do.

Zebulah Aiken, pastor of the Free Town Church of God of Prophecy, said Bell is in need of more help.

"It's for this reason we are reaching out. There are so many needs and requests that come our way on a daily basis, it just breaks my heart, that we can't meet them all," she said.

Bell, who said she is hanging on "by the last thread of hope", is lifting her faith one more time as she anticipates some good Samaritans will find it in their hearts to reach out.

Persons wishing to assist Marjorie Bell can contact her at 1-876-355-9476 or Free Town Foundation at 1-876-358-7997.

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