Jamaican-born pastor making a difference in Clarendon

September 12, 2018
Emanuel Azan (centre, back row) with students who received backpacks.
Pastor Emanuel Azan (left) making an address during one of his outreach events.

In late August, Pastor Emanuel Azan made his 12th outreach visit to Clarendon, the parish of his birth.

His latest trip saw him giving out almost 400 schoolbags with school supplies to children in Clarendon and Christiana in neighbouring Manchester. He also fed street persons and patients at the May Pen Infirmary.

Azan, who is the founder of Kingdom Outreach International, said there is nothing as fulfilling as seeing the difference the yearly outreach has been making in the lives on those he comes in contact with.

"I may have migrated, but I have not forgotten the hardship my people face. That is the main motivation that sees me keeping up with the mission," he told the CENTRAL STAR.

Azan said at one point he felt like throwing in the towel because of the hardship he faced in trying to clear the goods.

But he said that since he legally registered the charity here in Jamaica, most of the headache has disappeared.

"I registered because I am in it for the long run. This is not a hobby for me, as it costs a lot out of my pocket to do this mission twice per year. It's ministry, it's a way of showing God's love and my commitment to my parish," he said.

"I keep coming back because there is a need, and God called me to help where I could," he said, quoting Proverbs 19:17. "Sometimes I wish I could do more to help the homeless ... it breaks my heart that I can't get them off the street."

With sports being close to his heart, Azan also sponsored a football tournament for teens to help promote discipline and wellness, giving them something positive to do.

He said his ultimate goal is to continue being a blessing to the less fortunate in Jamaica.

"I would love to see churches get together in Jamaica and feed the homeless more. One homeless person told me he had not eaten in two days. It broke my heart. Seeing homeless people walking around with clothes so tattered that their privates are showing is sad," he said.

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