Murky water hampering business owners

July 17, 2019

A number of business operators along Wellington Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine, have expressed concern about the stagnant water that constantly settles in the entrance to the roadway.

THE STAR visited the business corridor, which houses stores, hardwares, bars and other operations. A pool of murky water was observed.

A number of debris such as bottles, plastic bags, and other unsightly items were seen in the drain, which is open as persons go by.

"We have been skipping over this nasty water every day as I move around, I cannot get any ease as the waterway is blocked and [the water] cannot run freely," Marverlee Winter said.

Her view was echoed by others who said that there was a need for the St Catherine Municipal Corporation to assist with flushing the drain.

Meanwhile, persons who use the area to get taxis that goes to Point Hill, Browns Hall, and other areas said that the stagnant water was a disaster waiting to happen.

"Is the other day one old woman drop in a different water. Is a sad thing you have to be jumping over it and hope that you grocery or food don't drop. Is something that need immediate attention," Melony Williamson said.

It was the consensus that the water, which runs into nearby business places after the slightest shower, needs to be dealt with now.

The business operators also raised the concern that there could be health implications associated with murky water.

On top of that, the water gives off a pungent odour.

Meanwhile, a local government representative said that the matter was being looked into.

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