Woman concerned for mom and sister in old house

April 07, 2021
Geniva Reid
Geniva Reid

Forty-three-year-old Ebony Linton was brought to tears after seeing the deplorable condition that her mother Geniva Reid and her disabled sister Unice Linton have been living in.

They live in McQuarrie District, Hanover, and are in dire need of assistanc. This has been taking a toll on Linton, who is unemployed.

"They are basically living outside because the roof is caving in so anything can crawl in and a bare lizard just a run through the place and it pains me to see them like that," she said. "I used to work at a photo studio but because of COVID, things not working out. I always give mommy what I have when things was good with me."

Going downhill

Everything has been going downhill since mid-2020 when her mother was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer.

"She has been getting radiation and chemo and it make her weak out, so she can't do her janitor work again," she said. "The little money she used to get could help to take care of my sister as well because Unice can't even bathe herself. Is just another older sister send a little change to them when she can, but that is not enough because they still need food and little household items."

Linton said that she has even tried to get the attention of the prime minister's office for assistance, to no avail. The Portmore, St Catherine resident is now pleading for the public's assistance.

She told THE STAR "Just thinking of them makes me sad and to make things worse, I'm just not in a position to help them. So anything I can get for them right now I will appreciate it."

Those wishing to assist can contact Ebony Linton at (876) 304-0266.

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