Beekeeper’s life disrupted by a single gunshot

May 03, 2021
Jermaine Walker is left bedridden after he was shot by gunmen while walking in his August Town, St Andrew community.
Jermaine Walker is left bedridden after he was shot by gunmen while walking in his August Town, St Andrew community.

Jermaine Walker was on his way to a shop in his August Town, St Andrew community to purchase diapers for his two-year-old daughter when he was shot in 2017.

Walker, now 31, received a single gunshot, which is still lodged in his spine. He is now disabled.

"That moment was one of the worst emotional experience I ever have, it break me down completely," Walker said as tears welled up in his eyes.

"I cry all the time and try hard not to remember the night of the incident because more than one of us got hit, and one was fatal," added Walker, who is now bedridden.

Life has not been easy since for the father-of-two boys, ages five and seven.. He was once the breadwinner for his family, but he is now dependent on his mother and donors to stay afloat.

Life-changing incident

Before that life-changing incident, Walker was a beekeeper and did a myriad of other side hustles.

"It is hectic and we are having it hard, financial wise, because I was the only one to provide. Even mentally it hurts me, but I try to keep strong at all times," he said

"I am most in need of basic stuff such as food, because I don't really have any help and I need supplies like pampers and medications, and it has been like this for the years."

Despite his disability, Walker said that he is actively thinking about ways of re-entering the beekeeping business.

"Beekeeping is something that I love, and I dedicated my life to it," said the wheelchair user who currently provides consulting services to first-time beekeepers via telephone. "Right now I would be a far way in it, probably having my own business, if I never got shot. It would be a dream of mine to see my client base grow so I can give more advice to, and invest back into beekeeping."

Walker, who spends most of his days in-doors, said it is likely that physiotherapy could help him become more active.

"Doctor say I wouldn't be able to help myself in no type of way, but I live to see physiotherapy help me to move my hand. But I don't have the money to continue and I know if it was consistent, I would be able to help myself better, even to a point where I can be outside in my wheelchair to have my bees and things like that," Walker said.

Jermaine Walker may be contacted via Whatsapp at (876) 465-0283. His mother Taseta Gordon's phone number is (876) 584-8841.

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