Blessings flow for Olga Francis at 103

May 04, 2021
Olga Francis celebrated her 103rd birthday last Saturday.
Olga Francis celebrated her 103rd birthday last Saturday.

Frankfield resident Olga Francis, who celebrated her 103rd birthday last Saturday, has always seen it fit to minister to others about the goodness of the Lord.

"I love the Lord so much and He loves me because is only Him keep me so long. The Lord is worthy to be praised," Francis told THE STAR.

The daughter of Amy Ubanks and Quillo Williams, and raised in Henry's Piece, Frankfield, Clarendon, Francis believes that her blessing is a direct result of the way she treats people.

"Me live good with others and love my neighbours. From I was growing, that is what I always try to do because the Bible tells me so. Me also grow to see my parents be kind to other people, and me do the same," Francis said

Known as the 'Egg lady' in her earlier years, Francis said she was never hesitant to share her produce with her neighbours.

"If anybody come a yard, I give away the eggs or I will ketch a common fowl and give to them because I don't know anything name mean," said Francis. "All years after, people still remember how kind I was, and come look for me."

Francis, the mother of six children, three of whom have since died, said she depended on agriculture for a living. She had her first child died at age 18, and she was married for 60 years to Wilbert Francis before he died.

"When I was younger me raise me fowl, me hogs, goats and those stuff to get a living for myself. I sell what must sell and me sell eggs most times too. That is how I send my children to school and take care of things," she said.

Apart from being blind, which has been the case since she was 94, Francis is said to be in good health, and continues to enjoy life with those around her. Saturday, especially, was well spent as her three remaining children, along with some of her 29 grand and great-grandchildren turned up to wish her happy birthday.

"They make me have a nice time," laughed Francis, whose mother lived to 105 years old.

Reminiscing on life as a youngster, Francis told THE STAR that she misses days of journeying to elementary school in Frankfield.

"Those days were happy days in school, no worries with nobody, and when we going to school we neighbours call and say 'unuh wait for me, don't leave me to go to school', and we wait on them," she said.

"We was free as children to walk about, nobody not troubling us," she said.

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