10-year-old writes first book

May 25, 2021
Rhae’nell Allen
Rhae’nell Allen
Rhae’nell Allen
Rhae’nell Allen

From as early as age four, Rhae'nell Allen knew that she would one day create her own fictional superhero, and she has already managed to do so.

The 10-year-old is the author of the book Cora and the Power of Five, which was published on April 27. The book tells the story of 13-year-old girl Cora, who managed to overcome her burdens by inventing a new level of girl power to succeed.

UK resident Rhae'nell, whose parents were born in Jamaica, told THE STAR that her writing journey started when her older cousin challenged her to write a poem.

"I remember when my cousin sat me down and told me to do some writing because I was playing all day, and she believes too much playing is never the answer. After I finished she was so impressed, and from that day I just loved writing," she said. Having had her eyes set on an ultimate goal, she never ceased to make it a reality.

"I would write stories and staple them together and just have tons of books with stories in them. I told my parents when I was eight that I wanted to become an author and they bought me a laptop to start from there," she said.

The process of bringing her first published book to fruition was hectic. It took much dedication and focus, Rhae'nell revealed.

"The entire process took about two years, so it was quite long but very much worth it. I took me a year and a half to physically write the book, then it took some more time to get the cover complete," she said. "I even had to change the entire first chapter after the editors' first read."

While being hectic, she said the experience was nothing short of fun and rewarding.

"It was an overwhelming experience to make others feel the same joy I feel when reading my book. I am so proud of myself, and the support from my family makes me happy," she said.

Rhea'nell lives in Milton Keynes, England, with her parents Wayne Allen, who is from Clarendon, and Teriann Allen ,who is from St Thomas. Emerging from humble beginnings, both parents say they are extremely honoured to see their daughter making strides in the right direction.

"As parents, we feel proud that she is determined to accomplish her dreams. We hope she continues to inspire others just as how she inspires us," Teriann told THE STAR.

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