Denham Town bask in STGC defeat


October 13, 2015
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Denham Town's Shevon Richards (centre) celebrates with team mates in their Manning Cup encounter at St George's College on Friday. Denham Town won 2-1.

Denham Town bask in STGC defeat

DENHAM Town High School?s principal, Audrey Williams, said her school?s sensational 2-1 win over many-time Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup champions St George?s College, at Winchester Park will serve as great inspiration.

Denham Town are still locked in a three way battle for Group honours in Group C.

?We are looking forward from this (beating St George?s) we decide that we are going to come to their place, and take it from them. Somebody said before that if we made the win, a long time this has not been done and so we wanted to have a feather on our cap at some time too,? Williams said.

Denham Town inflicted the pain of a home loss for the Neville ?Bertis? Bell-coached STGC at Winchester Park, for the first time since 2007, when they were beaten 1-0 by Bridgeport.

?What can I say, it is a very big motivational win because I know that all the other children looking on they wanna be in the position, they want to be there, but we are saying, ?sports no pass-no play?. So if you are not passing (academics), you not are playing,? she stressed.

Williams believes Denham Town has shrugged off football minnow status this season, adding that even if they lose members of this team to recruiting, they will be back strong next season.

?Let?s look at it like this, we make up some brown sugar; some people take it and they make refined sugar, so we keep producing. It?s like in Brazil, every boy on the road has a football, so we can make and give to them. What I want to do is to purchase them,? she added.

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