Flow Super Cup Gets ‘Thumbs Up’ at ‘George’s’


October 17, 2015
Neville Bell

ON Tuesday, the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association ISSA/FLOW Super Cup tour journeyed to North Street in Kingston to visit the home of the 'Light Blues' - St George's College.

The new trophy was unveiled to the student body and football team who are now in high anticipation having won their zone ahead of the opening of the exciting competition.

With lessons learnt from the inaugural 2014 Super Cup Competition, St George's College is now gearing up for dominance in second renewal of the competition scheduled to kick off on October 24.

Coaching the team is schoolboy football coach Neville Bell, who thinks that the competition is an excellent addition to the football landscape.

"I do not think that schoolboys play enough games; some schools spend four or five million dollars to prepare teams and end up playing 10, 11 or 12 games and that's it. The more games they play the better their chances of improvement" says Bell, who gave the Flow Super Cup two thumbs up.

"With the Flow Super Cup, we get a chance to play more games and the school gets more money. Even a new set of gear and new boots get the kids excited. The kids would enjoy that, so if it is even that we would be happy to play a part. This is schoolboy football. Let them have fun. I would not mind seeing a couple more competitions like this" he added.

Bell also noted that the FLOW Super Cup also provides an opportunity for schools to play against some teams they would not normally meet.

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