I am still a champion - Dacres

August 31, 2016
A disappointed Fedrick Dacres after his Rio elimination.


Despite failing to spark on the biggest stage at the Rio Olympics, national discus hurler Fedrick Dacres considers himself a champion who will just pick up, and start all over in order to transition from those disappointments stronger and better.

Dacres, a former World Youth and World Junior champion, could not make the qualifying mark of 65 metres for the final of the men's discus throw in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


My career


He considers the performance, which was hampered by a finger injury "the worst of his career," but admits that being an Olympian is a boost for his career.

"Training and back to school, just taking my career a step at a time and if it happens, it happens," says Dacres.

The University of the West Indies-based athlete recalls Rio "an OK experience for me I was an Olympian and I will always have that in my book."

It was not the career transition Dacres would have hoped for but notes he will just go back to training to come back better next year.

" It is what it is, it's the past (Olympics) so you can't make the past determine who you are, so I feel I am a champion so hopefully I can show other people that I am," Dacres told STAR Sports.

Now it is back to the drawing board and working back from square one, the athlete has revealed.

"Hopefully next year I will come back better. It wasn't lack of being ready, it was more a horrible mishap that happened, and I just got the result I got,' the athlete added.

Even though he competed with an injury-hampering performance at the Games, Dacres said he pushed himself to perform still, in the hope of success.

"I knew from the get go that it would hamper me, but I tried to throw on it, and it actually made it worst. I knew that it would be a problem and I tried to fight through but it didn't happen," he added, noting it is "back to training."

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