Sixteen teams to contest Nutramix Double Six domino championship


November 11, 2016

Sixteen teams from eight regional competitions (first- and second-place winners) have advanced to the Nutramix Double Six Championships grand finals.

Scheduled to take place at the University of Technology (UTech) tomorrow, the event will see domino teams battling for a cash prize of $250,000.

The first regional was held in St Elizabeth in August. Other regionals were held in St Thomas, Manchester, St Mary, St Catherine, St Andrew, Westmoreland, and St James.

regional level

Team shooters comprising Delmond Grant and Terrence Daniels won the St James regional, which took place on Saturday, November 5 at Anchovy High.

A number of prizes are given to participants and winners at the regional level as well as a cash prize of $50,000 for the winning team. Each team consists of two players, and one team member must be a farmer (either crop or livestock).

Hamilton explained the decision to target farmers.

"Nutramix is more than feed. It's about building the agri-community. Farming together and making a better Jamaica. The response has been positive and patrons have come out to each regional and really enjoyed themselves. There has been a lot of camaraderie among competitors".

mini tournament

Hamilton provided insight into this Saturday's grand finale.

"We have two tournaments happening. With registration beginning at 2 p.m., the first one will be a mini-tournament open to anyone who missed the regionals but still wants to show us what they got. It will be open to the first 32 teams to sign up on the day. The winners of this tournament will take home $25,000 cash prize. For the grand finals, starting at about 6 p.m., the winners and runners-up from each regional will compete for $250,000. They will also receive trophies, domino packs, and the winning team will each receive a domino table with stools."

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