Minzie will get his turn - Benzwick

August 09, 2018
Jevaughn Minzie (right) evades Howayne Mattis during a recent Jamaica Rugby Football Union training session at Emmett Park in Kingston on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

Jamaica Rugby Football Union chairman Jerry Benzwick says national sprinter Jevaughn Minzie will get his chance to represent the Jamaica Crocs rugby union team in the near future.

Benzwick said that he has seen a lot of commitment and promise in the sprinter as a winger, much like fellow sprinter Warren Weir, who represented the Crocs at the Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) in Barranquilla, Colombia earlier this month.

"Minzie was training with us before Warren came on board," Benzwick said. "While he was, he's been doing very well on the track, so his times have improved recently. His chances of qualifying were so great, that he was focused on running good times and running in the big meets. For the CAC Games, he was actually in the line-up to go with us but then it was while National Trials were going on, so we made a switch and put Warren in. Minzie didn't actually get through the qualifiers and didn't make the team for CAC, and Warren was already in so it was a closed door."

Benzwick said that Minzie has always been a fan of the sport and enjoys being able to use his speed in a different way.

"Minzie is still with us," he said. "He loves rugby and loves the physicality of it - the opportunity to run past people at speed. So he's gonna get his chance to play with us very soon. Right now we're looking at the line-up for the team going to Barbados and hopefully we can use either Minzie or Warren in that line-up to add the speed we need on the wing. One of them is gonna come with us, I hope. I'm not the one making the selection but I know it would do wonders for the team."

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