'I am satisfied' - Wedderburn pleased after STETHS hammer new boys

September 11, 2018

Newcomers to the 2018 ISSA/WATA daCosta Cup competition Sydney Pagon was introduced to the competition by a 10-0 onslaught by three-time champions St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) at the STETHS Sports Complex yesterday.

Tajay Green's hat-trick led the charge for the Santa Cruz-based school. He was backed up by Ronaldo Webster (2), Christopher Murray (2), Anthony Biggs (1), Adam Griffiths (1) and Rohane Brown (1).

Despite not getting ahead of himself, Omar 'Rambo' Wedderburn, coach of STETHS, said he is satisfied with the performance of Tajay Green in particular and the team in general.

"For the performance, out of 10, I probably could rank him (Green) 4.5, going up to five because you know its the first game. These times (group stage) we don't look for players to be on a high. It's just about doing what it takes to get the three points each time we play. So it was a fairly good performance from him, nothing extraordinary," said Wedderburn.




"We are looking for the team to get better each time we play because the team can let him perform much better and not him make the team play better. He is just one man," he added.

Wedderburn said he is just happy for the three points and now is switching his attention to their next game against Newell High School tomorrow.

"The game went as planned to some extent. We worked on a lot of execution leading up to this game. I think the midfield did a fairly good job today (yesterday), the strikers executed well. But the three points mean more to us than the amount of goals," said Wedderburn.

"You know the first game brings a lot of tension, so guess we started well with the three points. I can say yes, I am satisfied for this particular game because the goals come at some very (good) times," he added.

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