Wint explains new National Super League structure

December 18, 2018


Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) General Secretary, Dalton Wint, admitted the newly formatted National Super League (NSL) and Premier League play-off sound a bit confusing.

But he said the competitions committee is willing to revisit the structure and make necessary changes if needs be.

The new National Super League (NSL) will see parishes being paired together to determine the qualifiers for the Premier League play-off. Seven teams will now battle for the two available spots in the nation's top-flight league. The previous play-offs had four.

With the Western Super League already under way, Wint said there was no need to disrupt that competition. However, the other remaining parishes would be paired.

Manchester will combine with St Elizabeth, while Clarendon and St Catherine will combine. St Thomas and Portland will play together, while St Mary will be paired with St Ann.




The Kingston and ST Andrew Football Association (KSAFA), who have been waging a war with the JFF over the new format, will play by themselves.

With four parishes competing in the Western Super League (Westmoreland, Hanover, St James and Trelawny), they will be allotted two spots to the RSPL play-offs.

The two finalists from the Premier League play-offs will advance to the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL). But Wint confessed the new proposal may have some shortcomings, but said they will continue to examine how best they can improve the structure.

"The change now is that the zones (parishes) have been disturbed and there will now be pairing of parishes. It is (a bit confusing) but changes always cause some form of resentment. It affects some people and give an advantage to others. But they have bought into it and I don't think we will have any concerns," he said.

"We sat down and constructed this (format) because of the impasse (between JFF and KSAFA). It can grow and we can have changes going forward. So we will sit and look at it and see the merit and if we can attract a few sponsors. But this competition goes across the board, it's the closest we come to a national second teir competition. It have satisfied some interest who wanted a national second tier competition. But if anything, we will look at it again," he said.

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