Husband left, now I'm sleeping with my friend's man


October 29, 2015

I am 38. I got married when I was 25. My husband left me and went to America. I heard from him every week and then the calls became less and less. He eventually called me and told me that his brothers linked him up with a woman and the relationship has gone far because they were having sex, but that was never in his plan. I started to cry on the phone and he told me that I should not cry, I would always be his wife in his heart and everything would be alright.

He sent me divorce papers two years after and I signed them and sent them back. One day, I called him, and a girl answered and she told me not to call back her husband. Later, I heard from him and he told me not worry about her, and he would keep in touch with me.

Pastor, it has been hard on me. I got involved with another man, but he is married and his wife and I are friends. She doesn't know that from time to time we have sex. My main reason for writing to you is to tell you that my ex-husband has called me and told me that he is divorcing the woman he married and he hopes that I will remarry him. I have gone through a lot, but I will remarry him, but what do I do when he asks me if I had a relationship?


Dear L.,

Whether you had a relationship is going to be asked by your ex-husband and the answer should be yes. If he should insist that you must tell him the name of the individual, you should tell him no, you are not prepared to give the name of the man. Ensure that you end the affair. I hope when your ex-husband comes, you both will seek counselling before you tie the knot again.


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