My boss wants me to work everyday


October 29, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 35 and I work with a businessman. This man wants me to work every day, even on holidays. Whenever I tell him that I cannot because I have to spend time with my family, he curses me and tells me that he can replace me. I have been working with him for three years. Others have come and gone. Some stole his money. I am a Christian. I do not steal. This man drinks and when he drinks he is disrespectful. He is a good man at times. He does not take holidays. He wants me to come into the business with him and not just be an ordinary worker but I am afraid because of the way he behaves. I get a little benefit from the work. I take the vehicle home and take my wife and my children out when I have the time. My wife wants me to leave the job but how can I leave and go sit down?

He is a self made man and when he is ready to curse he curses everybody.


Dear H.G.,

Don't walk away from your job. You know that jobs are very difficult to get these days, so don't be tempted. I know you are not totally happy with the behaviour of your employer. Talk to him privately and tell him your issues. He should not expect you to work all the time. There are times however, when an employer may have to ask his employees to work on these special days. But he should not insist that they comply without being fully compensated and employees should be told way in advance.

The bottom line here for you is, stay with it but speak for yourself and even on the behalf of other employees but do not give your employer the impression that everybody is ganging up against him.


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