My woman doesn't trust me around her daughters


November 03, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am a Christian man. I am having a relationship with this lady. She has two daughters and two sons. I am 50. She does not trust me with her daughters. She was living with a man and he tried to be friendly with the girls. Every where she goes she takes them with her. I asked her how we are going to get married if she does not trust me. If I am there and she is sending them to the shop, they have to go together. When I am staying at the house she makes sure the children go to bed before we do. I love this woman. She does not want me to leave but I don't like what is going on. She watches me too much and for that reason I don't even talk to the girls. I am not from the area so I do not have friends.


Dear P.B.,

This woman told you that one of her boyfriends attempted to sexually molest her daughters, so from that time she has learnt to be more diligent in watching over them. She does not trust men period with her daughters. She takes them everywhere with her and she sends them to the shop together. Some would say that she is being over protective but at the same time she doesn't want anything to happen to these children and be blamed as a bad parent. This woman does not trust you. You would be better off ending the relationship with her. If anything happens to these girls you are likely to be blamed even if you are not guilty. Move on.


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