I need help with my gambling problem


March 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a gambling problem that has been with me since the 1980s due to my being a loner. Because I don't have many friends, I tend to go to the amusement arcades and the casino. I sometimes the betting shop. I obviously lose more than I win, I lost around about PS30,000 through my gambling experience. My family knows that I have a gambling problem but they are not too helpful. They just tell me to pay my rent and my other bills first, and make sure I always have food in the house before I go to the gambling house.

My brother is presently on vacation in Jamaica with his wife, but when he gets back he will sell the house that I'm presently living in because I didn't pay the rent about eight times out of my direct debit account. I work as a clerk in the West End of London and have been there for over twenty-eight years. In the past, they provided me with a counsellor and I faithfully attended the service once a week for a period of four weeks, but this is not really realistic to prevent me from gambling. Your advice is welcomed.


Dear N.,

Gambling is an addiction and you know that very well. You should go back to the counselling sessions. Right now, you are making excuses why you can't stop gambling. You will never do well in life if you continue to make excuses and to behave as if there is no hope for you. I am sure that the company who sent you to the sessions is disappointed that you have not kept up, so please discuss it with them and go back.

I would also encourage you when you go to counselling, to ask them to help you to join a support group. I am sure there are such groups in or near your area. You may also take some pointers from the Internet on how to stop gambling.


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