I am cheating on my jealous man


June 16, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a friend and he and I have been in an intimate relationship for one year, but I am seeing someone else outside of the relationship. I am afraid of my boyfriend because he is a very aggressive and jealous person. What do you think I should do? He wants us to have children, but I am not ready as yet.


Dear Unknown,

You ought to know why, after being with a man for a year, you decided to cheat on him. You know that he is an aggressive and jealous man and yet you have taken the chance to play around with another man. Why would you play with your life in this manner? You say that you are afraid of him. You must have good reasons to be afraid. My suggestion to you, therefore, is that you stop giving this man what is commonly called 'bun' and stick with your jealous lover. I believe that you have found him to be jealous because you are playing around and you have given him the occasion to express his jealousy. It would be interesting if you tell me why you have found him to be jealous.


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