I can't get a second erection after sex


June 16, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I cannot get a second erection whenever I have sex. What do you think is wrong?

G. C.

Dear G. C.,

You have asked the question that so many men are concerned about. They hear other men boast about how many 'rounds' they are able to do when they have sex. Some of these men lie. They are just talking to make themselves look big. Sometimes it's bar talk; it's more the rum talking. What is the truth? Why is it that when a man has sex and ejaculates and his woman would like to have more and he, too, would like to bring more satisfaction to her, he finds that he is unable to have another erection? Unlike a woman who can experience multiple orgasms, a man might only be able to have one ejaculation and might have to rest for a period of time before he can experience another erection. This period is called the 'refractory period'. If the man is young, his refractory period is shorter. Some young men in their teens and early 20s may regain erection between 15 and 30 minutes. Older men, much longer. Some may even have to wait for hours before they experience another erection. There are men who, during this period, think that something is wrong with them, so they foolishly use certain ointments or take pills to assist in regaining sexual stamina. These things are not to be used. Only time will do the trick. A man should eat well, exercise and get enough sleep so as to enjoy sex with his wife. He should not worry because he is unable to regain an erection immediately or soon after he has ejaculated.


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