I waited while my sister had sex


June 17, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I always listen to your radio programme and I read the stories in THE STAR. I would like you to help me with my problem. I am 15 and carrying a secret for my sister who is 18.

My sister and I left home to do some shopping. My parents gave her money to shop for us both.

On our way, my sister told me she wanted me to do her a favour. She told me she wanted to see her boyfriend at his house. I told her we shouldn't go there. I told her he should meet her at the store.

She was on the phone with her boyfriend. He told her he wasn't feeling well and his car was in the garage, so she should come.

I went with her. She had me watching television for more than an hour while she and her boyfriend were in his room.

Pastor, I am not stupid. I know they were having sex. I knew when they were finished because she went into the bathroom and the toilet flushed twice.

My sister came out of the room looking fresh in her face. I told her I was going to tell. She gave me $3,000.

Every time we have a fallout, I threaten to say it to my parents. She told me all she would do is to deny it. She cannot deny it, Pastor because I know the address of this guy. Do you think I should talk?

Her boyfriend has a prominent job. When we were leaving, he couldn't look at me but I was looking at him. Please tell me what to do.


Dear T.E.,

Reporting to your parents what your sister did will not help you in any way, neither will it help the relationship you have with your sister.

You are just as guilty as your sister. It is true you didn't have sex with your sister's man but you were an accomplice.

You accompanied her to her boyfriend's house. You are old enough to know they were not in the room holding hands.

You took $ 3,000 from her, so keep quiet. You have threatened your sister that you will tell what went on. Will you also tell that you got $3,000? What would you say that you did with it?

This man and your sister did their thing. She left and both of you agreed to keep quiet. I say, again, it does not make any sense at all to divulge to your parents what took place on that day. Remember what happened does not speak well of your sister nor yourself. Don't get involved in that type of deception again.


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