My girlfriend is afraid to leave her man


June 17, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a problem. I am writing to you for help. I am 28 and working as a security guard. My girlfriend is also a security officer. She is not married. She live with a man. They have a child together.

The man does not want to work. My girlfriend has to support her mother, who is old and unable to work, so I have to be helping her.

I told my girlfriend to leave the guy but she is afraid because the child loves her father.

I live out of town and she lives in St Andrew. Whenever I am finished working, I have to travel to go home. It would make sense for us to live together. Whenever we want to make love, she has to lie and say she is at work. I told her I am not leaving her.

She is sexy and attractive. I gave her three months to make up her mind. I know this man is eating some of what I give her. I am tired of using condoms with her. I want her to be my wife. I really need your help. Please put your answer in THE STAR.


Dear T.M.,

This woman is playing a dangerous game. She is also playing you. She hasn't told you she loves you but you told her that you are not leaving her.

You do the same type of work and chould be working the same amount of money. Why, therefore, should you give your money to this woman?

Oh, yes. You said her mother is not well and she has to support her. Why can't she use her money to support her mother?

Young man, why are you so simple and foolish? Can't you understand the only reason why this woman is with you is because she sees she can get money out of you?

Do you think that it is because you are so good why she is staying with you? She is with you because she needs your money.

Suppose one of these days while you and this woman are at that particular place where you go to have sex, her man shows up?

You see, sir, this world is very small. And you guys who do security work are well known. People see you everywhere and they get to know you. In fact, that is one reason why companies move you all around so much.

What I am trying to say is that this woman is not your woman. She is another man's woman. Therefore, you must stop playing with fire. Use common sense.

You said you want to stop using the condom. You should be happy for the condom. If this woman is flashing it to you and has a man at home, you can't be sure whether she is flashing it with somebody else. If you don't use the condom and still having sex with her, don't be surprised if she says you have impregnated her. The best thing to do, young man, is to leave this woman alone. She is trouble.


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