My wife is jealous of Jamaican women


June 17, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a Jamaican, living in America for 15 years. I still like my homeland.

I got married to an American woman. We have two children but she is very jealous of Jamaican women.

Whenever Jamaican women come around, my wife is not pleased. I go to Jamaican functions and my wife cannot fit in.

To make matter worse, my wife is accusing me of having a relationship with a Jamaican girl. This girl a I worked together but there is nothing between us.

For my birthday, her mother baked me a cake. I took the cake home and my wife refused to eat any of it. She even threatened to call the girl to tell her she has no right to bake a cake.

My wife is an educated woman but behaves, at times, as if her head is screwed off. Some of us guys know when you are a Jamaican, you should stick with your Jamaican women as much as possible. What do you think, Pastor?


Dear C.A.,

I hope you enjoyed your birthday cake. Your wife is jealous and, evidently, uninformed. You made a decision to marry this woman because you love her and she should appreciate that.

Whether she is American or Jamaican by birth, what difference does that make? The culture might be different but people can learn from each other.

I do not know why some people feel threatened by Jamaican women.

Some women seem to be intimidated by Jamaican women. Too bad, I can only encourage you to stick with your wife. Take your time and show her that she needs not worry about you leaving her because you are committed to her.


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