Should I give him another chance?


June 20, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I wrote recently to you and I really appreciated your respond. But now I am more than worried. In the previous letter, I stated that I am getting married in October. I have recently found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with a fellow co-worker.

As I am typing this, my heart hurts. We had decided to abstain from sex until we got married but, apparently, he couldn't wait.

Pastor, I really love him, but he broke my heart. Because of what he did, I am confused. I do not know whether or not I should marry him. He continues to beg me to forgive him. I have, but he doesn't know as yet. I am worried. I do not know if I can trust him again. I think we need some help before we get married. I love this man. Should I give him another chance?

T. S.

Dear T. S.,

Your fiancE and you pledged to each other that you would not engage in premarital sex. He kept that promise to you, but he did have sex with another woman.

I am sure he would not have wanted you to know what he did. He has been begging you to forgive him and you said that you have, but you have not told him. Perhaps you want to punish him a little by not telling him of you decision.

I suggest, therefore, that you set this man's heart at ease. Tell him that you have forgiven him, but you are insisting that both of you go through a series of counselling sessions with a trained family counsellor before you get married.


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