My niece had sex in my shop!


June 21, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am 44 and have four children. I run a shop for a living. I took in my niece to help me. She got accustomed to the guys in area. One of them became her boyfriend and she would steal goods and give him to cook.

That is bad, but not so bad. Pastor, this guy came into the shop and had sex with my niece. He told his friends. She said it was not true.

I asked her how the boy could have said so if it was not true. She is 17. I told her I would send her back to the country. When I said that to her, she said the boy had asked her for sex, but she didn't do it.

She is the eldest child of my sister. I was planning to send her back to school. She told me the guy told her he was going to get a job, send her to school and, if I sent her back, she would return to and live with him and his grandmother.

Since I heard that she plans to come back, I said I won't bother to send her home.

Pastor, what should I do with this girl? She and this boy are thicker these days. I don't even bother to say anything to her.


Dear R.S.,

I believe you are trying to help your niece. I would not encourage you to send her back to rural Jamaica. Keep her under your watch and try to help her. Now that she knows you have heard that she has given away goods from the shop, she will be much more careful.

Is it true that she had sex with this guy in the shop? He said he did but she did not admit that to you. Someone told you he said he did it. Your niece said that didn't happen.

Perhaps that never took place. You are not sure what really happened, so, don't use that against her.

Forgive her. Warn her and do your best to guide her. She is young. If you fight against her boyfriend, she will get even closer to him.


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