I caught my man and sister having sex


June 22, 2016

Dear Pastor,

This is my first time writing to you. I am 23. I live with my boyfriend, who is 28. He lives in his own home. He sends me to school. I have a sister who is 28.

My boyfriend wanted someone to take care of the house. My sister was not doing anything in the country, so I asked her to come. She has a child. My boyfriend told me I could tell her to bring the child.

In the space of three months, she tried to take my boyfriend from me. I even caught them having sex. The baby was on the same bed. We started fighting. I picked up a knife and my boyfriend pushed me out of the room.

I never thought my sister would try to take my boyfriend. Imagine, I got her to leave the country, where she was suffering. I told my mother what she was doing, but my boyfriend told my mother it was not true.

My boyfriend doesn't believe he was doing anything wrong. He can't tell me why he was having sex with my sister. I don't hate him because he is a man, but I hate my sister because of what she did.


Dear C.O.,

Nothing what your sister or boyfriend says can justify what they did. Your sister is much older than you are.

Your boyfriend might be the one who impressed on her that he loved her. He might have told her what he is doing is to help you, but he loves her much more than you.

To him, having sex with her was not a bad behaviour, it was a 'man' thing. Unfortunately, that is how some men think.

You are 23, but you have the right to tell your sister to leave. This man has to realise that he told you that he loves you. It is not your sister who is number one in his life, it is you.

So, though you are only 23 and your sister is 28, she should pack her things and go. Your boyfriend should apologise for what he did.


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