My educated man is such a liar


June 22, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am dating a man much older than I am. He is educated. He is the most educated man I have ever dated, but the most dishonest.

He does not speak the truth at all. Whenever I confront him about things I know, he tries to convince me that it is not so, even when I have the evidence in my hand. That is how good a liar he is. Pastor, what should I do?


Dear J.R.,

Being educated doesn't make a man speak the truth. Whether the man is young, middle-age or a senior citizen, he may still be a liar.

Your boyfriend has a weakness of character. He does not know how to speak the truth. He loves himself. People who love themselves lie easily. They believe nobody will question them.

Evidently, you love this man. You have a big task on your hand to get him to speak the truth. You should let him know you are aware that he is a liar and pleading with him to get professional help.

By the way, nobody has told you as yet, but this man has told so many lies on you, it is only a matter of time before you find out.

Some of these lies might be so devastating, you wouldn't want him around for another day.


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