Dad wants daughter to stay with abusive husband


June 23, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a concern and I am sharing it with you so that you can give me your advice. I raised a daughter, but she was not really my child. It was my husband's child. A man came from America to Jamaica and married her. I was not for it, but her father supported it. It took a long time for her to get through to go to America, but she did. We did not hear from her often. We were told that the man was not treating her well.

After two years in America with him, she left him and was with another man. Her father is very upset because she left her husband. He does not believe in divorce. He told her on the phone that she should go back to her husband, and until she returns to her husband she should not call. I asked my husband why would he encourage her to go back to him.

He says that the Bible says that anyone who leaves his or her spouse and becomes involved with another has committed adultery and cannot remarry again unless one spouse has died - so our daughter should go back and ask her husband for forgiveness. What would happen if he does not forgive her? I understand that the husband was married before, so this is his second marriage.


Dear H.D.,

This young woman has left her husband. She has reasons for leaving him, so she should not return to him. The risk is too high. To return to him may cause her death. So if she is going to leave the man with whom she is living now, she should rent an apartment and live on her own. Her father means well, but the advice to his daughter is wrong.


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