I've never had an orgasm


June 24, 2016

Dear Pastor

I started having sex with a man when I was 18 but I have never experienced orgasm.

My friends tell me I am missing something. I asked the man what is an orgasm and he laughed at me. He said it is something a woman feels that will cause her to cry and make funny noises.

I have never felt that way. I would love to experience it. This man I was having sex with was not my real boyfriend.

My real boyfriend is in America and planning to come back to marry me. I would like to know about this orgasm thing and how to experience it.


Dear T.C.,

Contrary to what many believe, surveys have showed that only 25 per cent of women experience orgasm.

Some women, married for years, have given up on sex and have never had orgasm. There are also others who are non-orgasmic. They are, indeed, in the minority but they are around.

You need not worry. If you are getting married, there are things you and your partner can do.

I am not going to say anymore here except to encourage you to raise this matter during premarital counselling. You may study this matter, also, on your own by reading books on the subject.

By the way, why can't you wait on your man to return to Jamaica? Why do you have to be having sex with another man?


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