Someone put a bad spirit on me!


June 24, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I must say congratulations on your good work. I am a 27-year-old woman. It seems to me that somebody is blocking my way.

Everything I try, I fail. I am a nice- looking girl. I don't have children. I am the only girl for my mother.

I have three brothers. The youngest one, who is 18, got a girl pregnant and is proud of it. When I was 21, I gave a guy my virginity. I loved him so much.

His father died and I went to the funeral. There was another girl there. Somebody told me it was his girlfriend. I went home very sad.

The following day he came to see, explaining that they were high-school friends and not together anymore. We made up but he went back to the same girl and got her pregnant.

A lady came to visit my mother and told me somebody had put a bad spirit on me. I should be careful of my boss. My boss is a female. She and I don't get along. She is the woman blocking my way, preventing me from making progress in the company. I have to answer to her. It is $80,000 to remove the evil spirit.

Another man is interested in me. I told him to give me $80,000 and, after that, we can 'talk'.

He does not know what I want to do with it. I want to use the money to get this curse off me.

I think I am going to get the money from the guy. Pastor, do you believe it will work?


Dear R.D.,

Do you mean to tell me that a 27-year-old woman believes in such nonsense?

Why would a person put spirits on you to block your way? What are they blocking? What is it that you are so concerned about?

You had a boyfriend who got another girl pregnant. That didn't kill you. It is natural that you would have been disappointed. If you are as beautiful as you say, another man will see and show interest in you. That might be a better man and you could be living a good life.

Why are you so naive in believing what your mother's friend told you? Too many wicked liars are around. This woman who said it would take $80,000 to remove the curse is tricking you. Perhaps she has some bills to be paid. Perhaps she took some furniture on hire purchase or owes two or three months' rent. She wants some quick money to meet obligations.

You said you might get $80,000 from a man who loves you. What a wicked girl you would be to take that man's money and give it to someone who is nothing but a con artist.

Your supervisor at work would be shocked to know you believe she is using witchcraft to block your progress. You have a very bad mind.

Don't you dare take the man's money and spend it in that manner. Learn to pray and read your Bible every day. That is what you should be doing.


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