I can't stop cheating on my husband


June 27, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a secret lover who I see for six months straight because my husband works on a hotel programme. When my husband is back home, however, I limit the time spent with my lover.

I am a former prostitute and now I am married, but somehow, I can't stop cheating on my husband even though he took me off the streets.

I need some help. I know you, Pastor. I was working at a hotel in St Ann and I served you. I don't know if you would remember me.

Initials withheld


You gave your initials and the name of the hotel, however, I deleted them because I do not want anybody to identify you. I remember the occasion. There were some very charming young women who served at that grand function. Those of us who were there commented on how efficient the workers were and how delicious the food was, etc I am glad I had the pleasure of meeting you.

Of course, I was not aware that you were having problems. As I think about it now, I am wondering why you have continued to cheat on your husband. You were a prostitute and your husband fell in love with you. He took you off the street. Therefore, he was aware that you were a prostitute. He has been taking care of you but you find it difficult to be satisfied with one man. I am sure that he would be very disappointed were he to find out that you are having a relationship with another man.

From what you've said, you are not short of money. He is working and I am sure that he is doing his best to support you. You have not made any complaint about that. And thank the good Lord that you are working. So your problem is probably sex or is it also greed? I am going to beg you to try and be faithful to your husband. He has done his best for you. You must not hide from your husband how lonely you are at times, and ask him for suggestions. I have a feeling that he is going to suggest that you should do something. It has nothing to do with another man, but I would not say what.


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