I prefer sex with older men!


June 28, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 20. I have been sexually active from I was 18. I like having sex with older men.

The man who took my virginity was 29. We were not lovers, I just wanted to try out sex.

I got a boyfriend a year after. He was 51. There was nothing we did not do.

He had his own apartment, so it was like from school to his house. I learned to lie a lot. I kept some of my clothes at his house.

My mother is a nurse, a single parent. I am her only child. At 18, I was pretty well on my own.

Sundays were always spent at home with my mother. That was the time she and I talked.

She knew I was sexually active because I told her. She told me what to do and begged me not to get pregnant. My boyfriend didn't want to get me pregnant either.

He has three children and is divorced. One of his children is my age.


He used to buy me jewellery and sexy lingerie. I told him how much I enjoyed having sex with him. He said that when I am older I will enjoy sex more.

He left me because we had a stupid fight over another woman.

She is much older than he is and he disrespected me for her. I stayed up for him one night. He did not come home until the next morning. He did not give me any good reason for not coming home.

My present boyfriend and I are not on good terms because I introduced him to a friend and he tried to date her. She told me.

He said he was only joking. I thought I could trust him, now I have my doubts. It is either he behaves himself and be satisfied with me or go his way.

I have my doubts about him. He is 30 years old and still living with his mother.

Whenever I go to his mother's house she does not say much to me, but she doesn't show me bad face.


My girlfriends say I love sex too much and am going to be 'stretched out' if I continue to change men.

I don't want to be stretched out and not have any use. I want to settle down with this guy if he is serious about me.

I am serious about him. I would like to get married, but he is not giving me any good word about that.


Dear T.R.,

I must appeal to you stick to one man. You love sex a lot, but so do the guys with whom you have had relationships.

These guys will use and dump you. What you need do is make sure you get yourself a good education.

The 51-year-old man taught you so much so you are convinced you know it all.

I am pretty sure you are wrong. There is much more to know about sex than what you have experienced.

Your former boyfriend was correct. It has been proven that women in their 40s, and beyond, do enjoy sexual intercourse more than younger women.

I am sure that is what this man was saying to you. For example, women who have gone through menopause are not fearful of getting pregnant anymore and express their sexuality in a meaningful way, more than in their earlier year.

They are comfortable and confident about themselves. Their children are grown and are living on their own. They focus on their men and the love they have for each other. They do everything to please each other.

I think you have very good female friends. Although their advice to you might sound crude concerning your private part, it was their way of cautioning you against having multiple sex partners.

You should be very careful with what you do with your life.

Your boyfriend might not be speaking the truth when he denied that he tried to date one of your female friends.

You have taken the right attitude. You have cautioned him. Watch to see how he conduct himself in and outside your presence.

Please, go back to school if you are not doing so now.


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