Scar on my face makes me look ugly


July 04, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I need your help, a prayer or something. I'm depressed. I've lost all confidence in myself. I've been called names and sometimes all I want to do is kill myself. I have a scar on my face; if it was elsewhere I wouldn't have a problem. Many people told me it would disappear, but it has been months and it's still there. You may wonder what cause the scar. A few bumps appeared on my face and I kept bursting them. They became worse, so I thought I would clean it by adding rum, which I did. That part of the skin soon turned into a sore, leaving a long, pink scar which changed to black, then everything changed. I don't want to go out again or see my boyfriend. I used to put something on the scar, but now it makes the area around my eyes black.

When people ask me what caused it, I don't know what to tell them. I would break down and cry when I get home. You see, I have to work, and that is the hard part. I even get laughed at. I think around my eyes are dead. Sometimes its pale or grey, then black again whenever I wash my face.

Please help me. When I go to the doctors, they give me something that makes it worse. I think I will be fired from work because I'm always calling in sick.

It's just that I'm scared. I have lost weight because I'm not eating. All I do is stress myself. I think I'm losing my boyfriend, too, because he wants to go out with me and I'm putting him off. I can't go out especially with my eyes looking like this. I'm ashamed.

Make-up makes it worse. It doesn't help me. Please, I don't know what else to do other than kill myself and get it over with.


Dear Anonymous,

I am not going to comment on your condition. However, I must plead with you not to consider taking your life. I will get a dermatologist to see you. I believe that he would be able to help you. You will hear from me as soon as I am able to set up an appointment for you. My prayers are with you.


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