My husband mistakenly put on his lover's underwear


July 06, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a married woman and my husband was not giving me any money.

He started coming home late and on three occasions he told me that he was going to work for one of his friends.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt. One night he came home very late, but I got up and warmed up his food.

I told him that I was going to have a bath and that he looked tired. When he finished eating we both went into the bathroom.

When he took off his pants, he had on a female underwear. It seems as if he mistakenly put it on. He almost fainted. Later on, a text message came in which said, "Babe, you reach home ok?"

I called her and she said, "Mi nah lef your man and him nah lef mi", so I said "ok".

Pastor, it is three years now I ended the marriage. I don't know if I can trust again. Take care, Pastor.

Initials withheld

Dear ......

This man would have had to be drunk, totally blocked out to put on the underwear of the woman he had spent time with in bed.

When I read your letter, I tried to contact you on the phone to confirm that the account that I have read is true.

Your husband would have to be a very careless man. And what kind of man would make such a mistake?

However, it is not for me to judge anyone, but what I would beg you to do is to contact me again and explain to me what your husband said when you found out that he was wearing a woman's under-garment and not his own.

I can only hope that you are doing well.


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