My wife is killing my nature


July 06, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 50 and I am having a problem, so I decided to write to you for help. My wife is also 50. She is always complaining about feeling pain. I used to have to force her to have sex with me. She would do it, but was always grumbling. So I stopped harassing her. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I would feel for sex and when I try, I could not get my weenie to stand up because of her fussing.

I got myself a girlfriend who is 25. I started to have sex with her. She has never turned me down and whenever we get together, I get strong erections. Just being around this girl puts me in the mood.

My wife was complaining that I was coming home late, so I told my girlfriend that for the next three weeks, she would not see me. I went home early and I tried to have sex with my wife. She started all over again; complaining that all I want is sex. This woman is killing my sex drive.

Pastor, she is a good woman. We have five lovely children. I don't intend to divorce her. I don't like giving an outside woman my money, but what I am doing now is caused by my wife.

My girlfriend is working, but she is always asking for things. The last time I got her car serviced and it cost me $50,000. So you see how expensive this girl is?

She says that she doesn't have another man and I am the best she has had. I don't believe it, but I like hearing it. She is still owing on her car and she is dropping hints that she is going to need help from me to pay for the car.

Whenever I have sex with her, she doesn't want me to leave to go home. She is what a man wants in his life to make him feel young. Pastor, tell me what to do. I need a word from you.


Dear T.N.

What is the problem with your wife? Is it a matter of her suffering arthritis or is she really telling you that she is fed up of having sex with you? Your wife is only 50 years old. What kind of pain could hinder her from having sex? And even if she is experiencing pain, there must be positions that both of you can engage in that would make sex enjoyable.

I can understand why you are turned off. If a woman is always complaining about sex and that it is difficult for her to have sex, it would discourage her husband and turn him off, so to speak.

Your girlfriend makes you feel comfortable. She knows what she is after. She is a wise young woman. After all, she knows what to do to keep you coming back to her.

She is going to do everything to excite you and for you to desire more of her. You have already serviced her car and she is hinting that she would need help with car payments.

Your wife is not making any demands on you. She is only complaining of pain. Why can't you learn how to rub this woman the right way? Massage her body. Learn to do therapeutic massage. Once per week will make a great difference in this woman's life. I believe that she would cooperate.

Read up a little bit about massages. She can massage you too, and perhaps if she puts her tender hands on you, your weenie will come to life and you wouldn't be tempted to go to see that 25-year-old woman. I cannot encourage the intimate relationship you have with this young woman. She is likely to ruin you.

I know you are excited that you are dating a younger woman, but it is time for you to come to yourself and to realise that your wife comes first in everything and this woman is going to dry your pockets, so to speak.

So cooperate with your wife. Take her to do her regular check-ups. Take her to Milk River bath and to the special bath in St Thomas. Try not to destroy your marriage.


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