I am not happy with my marriage


July 09, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, I am having a problem for the past 10 years and I need your advice.

I am very unhappy with my husband. When I met him, I knew he used to gamble, but I did not know that he was gambling every day.

When he worked and got his pay, he would gamble most of it and I had to provide food and pay the bills.

I am a Christian woman. When I talked to him about money, he cursed some indecent language. I asked him to leave, but he did not leave. He told me that I could not put him out and I should remember that he was a ghetto man and he had his friends.

He complained to my relatives that I was not treating him well. He did not tell them that he was not giving me any money.

He didn't even like to bathe. And when he came in and he had some money, he was stink of rum. If I said anything, he used expletives and he told me about my private parts.

I am fed up of this type of life. We do not have any children.

I asked the pastor to come and talk to him and he accused me of having a relationship with the pastor.

My pastor is a young man and he has a young wife and a child. I am so embarrassed that he said that I was with the pastor.

This man drinks so much, he has no use for a woman.

My church doesn't believe in divorce, but my bishop told me that I should leave him and remain single.

I have lost all my friends because of this man.

Pastor, keep up your good work.

A. C.

Dear A. C.,

Your bishop has assessed the situation. He understands what you are going through. It is said that gamblers are always broke. I don't think that could be true of men who gamble professionally. It might be true of the men who use their weekly or monthly salary to gamble. Your husband deceived you, but don't worry. Lots of women have been deceived this way by men who are gamblers, heavy drinkers, and womanisers.

It is very sad that he accused you of having an intimate relationship with your pastor. You are not under any obligation to provide for this man. He is working and earning a salary. He has been trying his very best to get your relatives to turn against you. They know you better than he does. They will not believe him.

I would encourage you to follow the advice of your bishop. Therefore, make an appointment to see an attorney-at-law as soon as possible.


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