I left my teacher man for a mason


August 03, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you for the second time. You did not answer my first letter. Please answer this because I need answers.

I am 19 years old and attending HEART. My boyfriend is 25. He is a mason. He works very hard. We have been living together for the past six months.

Sometimes he is able to give me all that I need. But whenever he has to pay for the stove, refrigerator and the rent, it is hard on him. He has one daughter and the mother drops her off every weekend.

One day, she dropped her off and she saw me. She asked me if I was his girlfriend and I said yes. She said that she is leaving the child and that she will pick her up Sunday evening.

When my boyfriend came home, he was very angry. He told me that that is what she does when she wants to go out on weekends. He called her and cursed some bad words; the child was right there. She promised to come back for the child right away, but she didn't until Sunday evening.

I love this man. He doesn't hide anything from me and he doesn't have another girlfriend.

His grandmother gave him a piece of land and he is planning to borrow money to build a house for both of us.

I don't want to get pregnant. I left home because my parents couldn't support me anymore and they have other young children. I have met other guys, but I don't love them as I love my boyfriend.

I know he is only a mason. My first boyfriend was a teacher and he was much older than I, but he had three children with three different babymothers and all he wanted from me when we met was sex. He was always broke.

The only thing I remember getting from him was a pair of slippers, which didn't last a month. This guy rented a room for both of us. He bought a refrigerator and a stove and we are happy together.

The teacher saw me and wanted to get back with me and I told him that I have a boyfriend. He said, "Yes, I know. He's a mason. What are you doing with a mason?" I told him that he is a teacher, but he didn't do anything for me so I am happy with my man who is a mason.

Whenever I get money, I throw a partner and that partner is to help my mother. I have five passes in CXC and I want to do more. My boyfriend doesn't have any CXC subjects.


Dear J.K.,

You say that your ex-boyfriend is a teacher. Perhaps he thought that because he is a teacher, you would put up with his wild life and his foolish attitude towards you.

He knew that you wanted help, but he failed to assist you. Yes, he bought you a pair of slipper. That only proves that he is a mean man. Well, perhaps I shouldn't say that he was mean, but the money he earns as a teacher can't support three babymothers and you.

Teachers don't earn a very big salary if they are classroom teachers. So the only thing he was able to do for you was bedroom works, and you wanted much more than that.

He was out of order to belittle your boyfriend. Your boyfriend has ambition. He not only just says that he loves you, he is showing it. He sees to it that you have enough money to go to school. He is paying the rent and also paying for the stove and refrigerator.


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