Cheated by my sister, funeral home


August 08, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you about a problem with a funeral home. I just want other people to see how heartless some people can be.

I am a poor girl. My father died four months ago. He lived in the country, but he died in a hospital in Kingston.

On the day he died, a cousin of mine called a lady at a funeral home to take the body. I live in Kingston; my other relatives live in the country. I called a sister and we spoke about the funeral arrangements.

My father was a hard-working man in his community. My sister told me that the member of parliament for the area heard about my father's death and wanted to donate some money towards his funeral.

My sister told me to get an invoice from the funeral home so she could take it to the MP and then a cheque would be sent to the funeral home. I went and did that.

Two weeks after, I called the home to see if the cheque was sent and they said it was. So I called my sister. She said she called the MP and he said that he would not be giving the donation. I later found out out she was lying.

I had already paid the funeral home when my sister broke the news to me. I even had to get the extra money.

After the funeral, a relative told me that he overheard my sister telling a lady at the funeral home that they got the cheque from the MP, but it was drawn in the name of the lady at the funeral home. They would then give it to her to encash it then give the money to them [family members] and the lady should not let me know about it.

I saw the lady from the funeral home and she told me that my sister was planning to take the cheque to her, but my sister doesn't want me to know. She told me that she will refund the money by weekend.

After waiting and waiting, I got no call, so I called her and she kept telling me that she has the cheque, but she hadn't got the time to go to the bank.

I called her phone, but she did not take my call. I texted her, and she did not respond. I told her that I will be going to the police and I would call the MP's office and tell my story.


She immediately answered saying that I should not send her rude messages, and to remember that she was the one who told me about the cheque.

She said that the police told her that she should change the cheque and give the money to my sister.

My sister has not contributed one cent to my father's funeral. I told the funeral home that it does not matter who gave her the cheque.

The cheque was a contribution to the funeral and the cheque came to her after all the bills were paid by me, so she should refund some of the money to me.

I cannot believe that people can be so wicked. This woman told me that I don't know who she is. I am so upset. As long as I live, I will have nothing to do with my sister. I need my money. This woman cannot take my hard- earned money and also take the donation. People should not trust anyone.

Poor Girl

Dear Poor Girl,

I know you might not like what I am about to say, but I going to say it nevertheless. I understand what you said; I commend you for doing the best you could to give your father a decent burial, so to speak.

You did not get the full cooperation from your sister and the funeral home. But you need to be thankful to God that you were in a position to give your father a good farewell.

It is unfortunate that some relatives are not very cooperative when it comes to burying a loved one. Some siblings do try to make money from the death of a family member.

Even when they are able to contribute, they hold back and allow others to do so. Although I have only heard from you, your sister, I am sure, has another story. But I have no reason for doubting what you have said.

I must say to you, don't fight your sister or the funeral home over the money from the MP. They want it? Let them have it. The funeral home, by not giving you back part of what you have spent, is only hurting themselves because by their action. They are showing that they do not understand that a satisfied client is the best advertising for their business.

You will not die because you did not get back the money. I repeat. Let them have it.


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