My 52-y-o man always wants sex


August 18, 2016
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Dear Pastor

I am 20 years old and I am seeking your advice. My boyfriend is 52 years old. He has five children and all of them are older than I am.

One day I saw a text message in his phone that he sent to a girl on Facebook saying, 'Morning babes' just as he left for work at 5:05 a.m. The girl didn't respond. When I asked him about it, he said he was looking a next girl because he is feeling that I am going to leave him.

He wants to have sex with me every night. Some of the times I have to tell him, "No, I am tired". He doesn't seem to care.

When I ask him if he can't go to his bed without having sex, he says "No". He says that he doesn't even care if I don't wash, cook or clean; just make sure he gets sex whenever he wants it.

He tells me he can't wait, and holds me down and take it.

Should I continue the relationship? It happens quite frequently.

N. S.

Dear N.S.,

I have observed that the only complaint you have against this man is that he likes to have lots of sex, and sometimes you do not believe that you are capable of meeting his demands.

Evidently, apart from his sexual demands, he is treating you well; otherwise you wouldn't have continued living with him.

Frankly, what he is doing can be considered sexual abuse because no man should force a woman to have sex with him. Am I to understand that you are at the mercy of this man because you have nowhere else to go? You need to get yourself a job and rent your own little place.


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