I really miss my half sister


August 25, 2016

Dear Pastor

I am 16 years old and I always read your articles.

My mother told me that before I was born she had to fight with my dad's babymother a lot. My dad had a child with my stepmom before Iwas born. Then he went and had two other children with my stepmom after I was born, so I'm the outside child.

Both my dad and stepmom migrated to England when I was a couple months old; they took my sister who was the same age as I was with them.

She was born one month after me, which proved that my dad and my stepmom were still together. I also have a brother that was born in England.

My sisters came by my house and we were talking about how all members of our family have a family mark, but my other sister who was the same age as I am doesn't have the mark.

My mom came and said she should ask her parents why she doesn't have that family mark, and we ended the conversation.

My sister told her mom that my mom called her a 'jacket' and a lot of conflict started. My stepmom came to Jamaica and saw her two children that she had not seen in years.

My stepmom didn't like the closeness of the sister and I, who are the same age, so she broke up our friendship.

My sister and I have not spoken for a year now and I really miss her. What must I do, Pastor?


Dear S.,

Your stepmother was always causing trouble. Your mother told you how they used to fight over your father. Evidently, she succeeded in getting your father away from your mother and she became his permanent woman.

Your mother believes that everybody who is the daughter or son of your father carries a family mark. She might have been insinuating that those without the mark are not the children of your father.

Therefore, I could see why your sister told her mother that your mother that anyone without the mark is a 'jacket', as she put it.

Your stepmother is clearly not a good woman. But this time it is your mother who has pushed the wood in the fire.

It is unfortunate that your step-mother has tried to separate siblings from each other, but I hope that the time will come when all your father's children will get together. Try your best to track down your sisters, especially the one with whom you got along well.


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