My woman had sex with my colleague


August 25, 2016

Dear Pastor

This is the second time I am writing to you. I thank you for your advice the first time I wrote you. I am now 30 years old and I have two children.

The mother of my children disgraced me by having a relationship with one of my colleagues. I did not believe when I heard.

Pastor, I was only off the island for three months. Imagine that, just three months. And while I was away, my woman allowed this man to get into her life.

I used to have lots of women. I stopped the running around and decided to make this woman my wife.

When I met her, she was a helper. She used to work for my boss and his wife. I told her to leave the job, and I helped her to get a visa to go away to purchase goods and sell them.

She was able to go away just once because she got pregnant. Then she got pregnant again very early. I did not know that my colleague and her were such good friends.

When she had the second child she said that she wanted him to be the child's godfather. I had no objections.

He would buy little things for the child and bring them to the house. I thought nothing of it because that was what godparents do.

I was told that he was always at the house. My friends told me that he was not only there during the days, but also at nights.

She admitted that he came there a few times when I was away. He told me that he only went to the gate.

I am embarrassed because my colleagues are laughing at me. I do not know what steps I should take.

Recently, she admitted that she had sex with him. I have lost trust in her and I am wondering now if the two children are mine.


Dear R.S.,

I have not divulged the type of work that your colleagues and yourself do. I do not want to further embarrass you.

I must say, however, that this woman has not only embarrassed you, she has disgraced herself.

Your colleagues are going to say that this man was the 'bunna' man and that your woman has made a fool of you.

The truth is that she has behaved as a common woman. She should have been glad that you met her and tried to make her into a woman, so to speak.

You questioned how she could have got involved with another man in the space of three months. That is the mistake you are making. This relationship with this man was not developed in three months, it was there long before. You just did not know about it and she probably did not have the opportunity to have sex with him because you were around.

But when you were away, she had ample time to spend with him and to play. I wish I could tell you to continue to love this woman and to trust her, but I can't. She is a very wicked woman.

The two children perhaps were fathered by you, but DNA can prove whether they are. So I suggest that you do those tests and it will set your heart at ease, so to speak.


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