I cheated on my man while in Jamaica


August 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Your topic brought back a 25-year-old memory. Back in the '90s was when I first travelled to Jamaica with my girlfriends; we were all in relationships in Canada. Well, without going into details, we all cheated on our partners. We knew what we did was wrong and vowed to keep our dirty secrets for the sake of our relationships.

These secrets are still with me even though the relationships have dissolved since then. At the time, it was the only choice we had. We did not want to hurt our partners. It's nothing I am proud of, pastor, but felt it was an appropriate response to your topic.


Dear A.L.,

I thank you for your comments. It is not surprising to hear that your girlfriends and you came to Jamaica as tourists and got involved with Jamaican men although you had your boyfriends in your country. It is said that many female tourists come to Jamaica to experience what they call 'the big bamboo'. Some Jamaican men have looked forward to the visit of white tourists because they know what these girls want. It's their holiday time, so they have flings.

I am glad that you are able to talk about your experience. It is in the past. Whatever was done is done. I do hope that your future at the moment is bright. May the good Lord help you to prosper in everything that you do. Put God first and you can't go wrong. I hope you would be able to visit Jamaica again, and this time, please bring your man (if you have one) with you.


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