I keep giving in to my ex-boyfriend


August 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have this boyfriend who seems to only want me for sex, but I love him for more than that. I keep breaking up with him, but each time I do he comes back, saying he wants me.

I always fall for it and I continue making the same mistakes. The second time we were having sex, I found out that he had a girlfriend and I stopped talking to him. He came back again, and yes, I fell for him and gave him a second chance.

Then I found out that he still had a girlfriend, and I asked him why he was keeping me around if he already has a girlfriend, but he refused to answer.

I ended the relationship with him again and I'm praying to God I won't let that boy in my life again, because he is turning me into something I'm not. Pastor, please help me to get over this guy and be strong.


Dear L.O.,

This guy and you are just fooling around, playing with matchsticks and don't really know the danger that it can cause.

You like the thought of having a boyfriend and he likes the thought of not having one girlfriend, but many. You forgave him and took him back in your life, and then he went out with other girls and you were upset, then you broke up and got back together. You think that he is not serious about you and you are so right. He believes that he is hot.

Other girls see him as hot, too. He wants a piece of them, and they want a piece of him. He is not going to be serious with any of you. You didn't give your age, but the style of your writing says that you are only a teenager and that you are naOve.

So, hear me now, end the relationship with this young man. Give yourself time to grow up. You are not able to deal with relationship problems. Let this man go his way and you put more effort in your schoolwork.

You would be better off doing so. If you give him another opening, he will come in and sweet-talk you and before you can count to 10, he will have you on your 'back' again (you know what I mean).


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