Scared to marry my man because he is broke


August 31, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, I am 47 years old and I do not have children. I have never got pregnant although I have been married twice.

My first husband went outside of the marriage and got a child. He wanted me to take the child, but I refused. He said that the child is his blood, so he can't reject his own blood. He asked me for a divorce and I agreed.

I got married again and my second husband died in an accident.

Pastor, I met a man and I believe that I am in love with him. The problem that I am faced with is that he has nothing. I mean nothing at all. He doesn't have a house, a car or any savings.

Sometimes I wonder what to do with him. He is a good Christian man. He spent his money taking care of his mother. He was her only son. His sisters were not in a position to help financially. She has since died.

I don't want to marry this man who would come in and take away what I have. My second husband left me well off. I want to get married again because I want to live a clean life, but I am not sure what to do.

I have asked him over and over if he is coming in my life because of what I have, and he said no. I didn't expect him to say yes. Please help me.


Dear M.A.,

I would encourage you to get married again. But before you even make plans, go and see a lawyer. You have a right to think the way you are thinking. You have had unfortunate experiences in life. Don't rule out this man, but discuss this matter with a lawyer before you decide what to do.


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