My husband wasted his money on many women


September 02, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Money is the most powerful thing in the world. My husband used to have money, but he also had six women during the time he had money.

Now all the money has gone, so women don't want him anymore. All the troubles are left on me. I don't see any of these women come to visit him.


Dear D.,

I get the impression that your husband is ill. He, like so many, wasted their money on women. I am glad you have remained loyal to this man. I pray to God that this man settles down.

These women never loved this man. They loved his money. I bet you couldn't tell that man that they didn't love him; he wouldn't believe. He can prove that now because all the women have left him, leaving you to struggle with him alone.

You have stayed with him because you loved him from the beginning, and I am sure you will remain with him till death.

True love cannot be bought with money, but money buys sex. It was like that from the beginning of creation and it will continue until this world has come to an end.

Do your best to take care of your man now that he does not have any money. He has had time to reflect and regret his waywardness and foolish spending, and he will be the nicest man to you.

It is time for him to repent and look to God for help.


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