My man can't make up his mind


September 05, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am in a relationship with a man for the past three years, but he is in and out of the relationship.

He goes out of our relationship whenever he sees new women. He tells them all kind of things so that he can get them. He would be at my place for a few days and then he would move on to his house for a few days.

I have a little girl who sticks to him very much and he plays the role of a father to her.

What should I do with this man? He cannot make up his mind about what he wants to do or with whom he wants to be with.

Sometimes I urge him to make up his mind. I love him and I don't want to be running up and down. I just need to settle down and get baptised and spend the rest of my life serving God.


Dear Confused,

You like this man and he likes you, but he finds it difficult making up his mind in deciding whether he should settle down with you or 'run the road'.

The danger here is that this man may not make a commitment for a long time to come and you might be there hoping he would settle down with you.

You can't push him, but you can take a stand and not allow him to use you. I know for sure that when you believe that you have had enough of his nonsense, you would tell him to go.

I am sure you appreciate the love he shows to your daughter, but that should not be enough to cause you to tolerate a man who is a player. He can do better.

There is no stability in the home. He comes and he goes. You deserve better than that. This man has to be a liar. If he is always making women promises, he is not serious about the relationship he is having with you.


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