Should I divorce my cheating husband?


September 05, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am living abroad and I recently found out that my husband, who is living in Jamaica, is having an affair.

I found the text in his phone and I called the girl; she is carrying on as if I am the one who is messing with her man.

My husband is asking for forgiveness, but I am considering divorcing him. Should I forgive him and give him a second chance or divorce him?


Dear Unnamed,

There are many things in this relationship you need to consider. Yes, it is true that the both of you are married, but don't forget that you are living apart.

The long distance has to be taken into consideration in making your decision. I am not here suggesting that when a man's wife is away from him, that he is at liberty to have affairs. I am only saying that long-distance relationships are extremely difficult to maintain.

Therefore, I suggest that both of you should go to see a family counsellor and learn to forgive each other for the mistake made and move on together.


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