Is she really carrying my man's baby?


September 07, 2016

Dear Pastor

This is the first time I am writing to you, but I always read your column, and since January, I have been listening to your radio show.

It is my boyfriend who introduced me to the show. He is a bus driver. He told me that he heard people calling you all the time and saying what their girlfriends do to them.

He is a good provider. We don't have children. He is sending me back to school in September.

Sometimes I go on the bus and sit while he is working. He is very friendly with the girls. I don't like that. Some of them are always saying to him that he must call them.

A girl who is pregnant came to where the bus was parked. When the conductor saw her, he said to him, "Your babymother come".

I was so surprised. He went out to her and I said to the conductor, "I didn't know he has a babymother", and he said "Yes". I got off the bus and went home.

When he came home we had it out, and he told me that the girl is not his babymother, but people think so. It is his friend's babymother and he helps out the friend by giving her money.

I don't know what to believe. I asked the conductor if the girl is his babymother for true and he said that he heard so. Now he does not want me to come back on the bus. He doesn't have any children. I went into his phone, but I didn't see anything unusual. Do you think I should leave him?


Dear R.K.,

It is difficult to know whether your boyfriend is speaking the truth. This young woman who is pregnant might be carrying his child, but on the other hand, he says no, it is his friend's girlfriend.

Why would he not tell you if he got a girl pregnant? It would be better for him to tell you. On the other hand, what would be the purpose of the conductor telling you that the pregnant girl is his babymother?

Have you considered that this conductor might have his eyes on you and would wish to have a relationship with you? I would say to you, accept what your boyfriend says.

The opportunity may arrive when you would meet the pregnant woman and you would be able to ask her if she is having an intimate relationship with the man.

Don't do anything that may cause you regret. Time will tell if your boyfriend is speaking the truth. He is planning to send you back to school. Accept his offer and go back to school and don't allow what you heard about the young woman to upset you and to destroy your relationship.

If this man is lying to you, he is doing so because he believes that you would leave him if you knew the truth. However, it is always better for a man to speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.


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